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“Maleficent” Review: Faeries and Spindles

Watching Maleficent (2014) was like watching a birds-of-paradise flower bloom backwards. I suppose this isn’t surprising given director Robert Stromberg‘s (The Golden Compass, Pan’s Labyrinth) known background in visual effects (he’s supervised a TON of stuff you probably watched and loved).

Concept art
See? Twinges of Pan’s Labyrinth.

Well, Maleficent overflowed with gorgeous background and color. Lighting designed to offset pale skin and red lips, SFX effects to glitter and dazzle, CGI green fire (that wasn’t wildfire) for classic intimidation — all of it were nice touches to an infamous Disney villain’s backstory.

Writer Linda Woolverton (screenplay for The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland) et. al. may have switched perspectives to tell this tale, but overall, although the beginning held much promise and intrigue, I felt it lacked a more satisfying end. Continue reading “Maleficent” Review: Faeries and Spindles