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DIY for the Nerd: Rocking 74-Z Speeder Bike

Australian DIY-er Tez_Gelmir was kind enough to share with the world a little project he did for his daughter: a child-sized speeder bike from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. 

Yes, I mean the ones that a handful of Storm Troopers crash into Endor(ian?) trees, dying in a blaze of Imperial glory. No, this model doesn’t really fly; it rocks. Yes, it boasts a few electronic lights and sounds. No, it doesn’t come with an Ewok. Yes, I wish it were adult-sized, too.

Picture of Rocking Speeder Bike

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Merchandise Materials: Let’s Talk Swords


I imagined multiple ways of announcing my return to ASV after the summer hiatus, but found no excuse worthy of extrapolation. Perhaps you’d like to hear about how typing coherently is nigh impossible with a three-year-old yelping about dinosaurs in your ear, but I doubt it. Maybe you’d accept my apologies for writer’s block or for a slothful muse who hitchhiked to Buenos Aires instead of staying ever faithful by my side.

No? That’s all right. Because the truth is . . . well, you see, I . . . okay, so I made that promise about finishing Alphabet Cinema by April, right? Well, actually it was an Unbreakable Vow, so consequently I lost my magic and thus spent months in the desert seeking a shaman to grant me a deal with four foul demons in order to reinstate my powers. The fact that I’m back here now, submitting a horribly belated Tuesday Threads post can only lead you to one conclusion. Obviously.

So let’s talk swords.

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“The Expanse” Renewed for Season 2!

Looks like (super) early reception has been good, and Syfy/Alcon Television has ordered a second season of The Expanse to begin pre-production this June.

In addition, here’s a super cool teaser for a scene in which Naomi (Dominique Tipper) witnesses something blow up. Mmmmmmmnmnmnmnm . . .

And see the latest version of the official trailer here, with some new, spectacular looking scenes. I cannot wait ’til December. The Expanse AND Star Wars? What a world.

DIY for the Nerd

Some days, it’s appropriate to geek out head to toe. Don the T-shirt. Wear the hat, the necklace, the gloves, the belt, the button. Whatever you’ve got as long as you don’t end up looking like book-Dumbledore with twinkling stars and garish colors.

Other days, it’s one piece at a time. Subtlety at its best, so that people in the wild on the streets do a double-take. “Oh, that’s from Game of Thrones,” or “Nice T-shirt. I want that,” they’d muse. Fellow nerds may smile and show you their own shirt/accessory in reply. I had one guy in a parking lot say to me once, “I thought they caught her already,” in response to my Most Wanted: Bellatrix Lestrange tee. Unfortunately, I had had no witty rejoinder ready at the time, and just murmured, “Oh, thanks!” (P.S. I would have said, “Shh! Don’t tell the muggles, Parking Lot Guy.” I totally would have.)

Ah, but T-shirts aren’t actually my focus today. Sorry for the tangent.

I want to highlight shoes actually. There are tons of DIY shoes out there, especially ones on which you can paint your favorite fandom. It would be impossible–well, improbable and way too much hassle–to cover them all in one go so most likely I’ll be returning to shoes in the future. In the meantime, let’s start with Star Wars shoes today!

R2D2-inspired platform stilettos.

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