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Look Back, Look Here, Look There: A Triple Movie Review

2015 A.D. beckons, but I must say, this year, I do not feel ready for it. What am I missing? Haven’t a clue actually. Besides the obvious difference in not being with my family at the moment, I have no annual traditions. I don’t watch the ball drop in NYC. I don’t drink or kiss or sing to begin the new year. I’m not insane enough to venture to The Strip for fireworks and drunken tourists. (For one, I’ll never find my car again.)

So what have I done instead? Watched movies, naturally. Three of them today, in fact – one for the past, one for the future, and one for the present. They’re not at all “New Year’s Eve” related, in the way some films are created for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. I just felt that for any new year tidings, one tends to look to the future – resolutions and the like – seeking to the change the past, while also enjoying the here and now. It’s a difficult balance any normal day of the year, to be sure.

Now if you want to ignore the first two paragraphs, just think of this as a triple feature! Ta-da!

My choices were as follows: Past: Sense and Sensibility; Future: Elysium; Present: The Theory of Everything (this could qualify as past, if you want to see it that way, but since Hawking is still alive. . .)

Read, enjoy, and have a Happy New Year, all you villains (both always and sometimes). Cheers!!! Continue reading Look Back, Look Here, Look There: A Triple Movie Review