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“Woman In Gold” Trailer

I am only posting this for Helen Mirren and Tatiana Maslany. However, I am still willing to give Ryan Reynolds and his oddly proportioned face a try.

Orphan Black Spotlight: Welcome to Clone Club

I sat down one night to start a series I bought on Black Friday, thinking blithely to myself, “I’ll just watch the pilot, throw up a brief review, and call it good.” Three episodes later, I’m sitting on my couch at 3 am wondering how in the world I could persuade my thumb to hit the off button. Damn it, BBC America, how do you do this to me??

Orphan Black (2013–) is a heart-stopping spiral down the rabbit hole, except that instead of disappearing cats, you get doppelgangers. Some of them want to figure out the conspiracy just as much as you do; some are just out for your blood.  Continue reading Orphan Black Spotlight: Welcome to Clone Club