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Study Up: LotR For Dummies

Lord of the Rings Mythology–for those people who just don’t get why things are the way they are in the world of Middle-earth.


Writer Spotlight: Laura Elson, “Of Goblets and Gizmos”

You don’t have to like fan fiction to appreciate what it stands for. Fan fiction, for many, is the ultimate form of demonstrating your fondness for a particular franchise: book, movie, or video game, among others. Fan fiction can be serious, it can be lighthearted or it can be just plain strange (sometimes, all of the above). But no matter its kind, fan fiction is just that: fiction written by fans. And therein lies the universal appeal, because everyone is a fan of something.

I sat down with fan fiction author Laura Elson for a little chat concerning her own work. Some biological facts: Laura is a 22-year-old, born-in-Michigan-but-raised-a-Wichitan, who currently resides in Colorado traitor and is as tall as a beanstalk. She’s also been diagnosed with Stage IV Awesome.

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