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The Legend of Korra Review: “The Terror Within”

Episode 3.08. Warning: Spoilers follow.

Team Avatar is still in Zaofu, and as Korra continues to pick up metalbending like a pro, Bolin continues to struggle. His toil isn’t contained to bending, however, as his new love interest, Opal, is about to leave for the Northen Air Temple, to train with Tenzin. At the farewell dinner, Bolin gives the quote of the episode, “Whenever I’m eating raw kale, I’ll think of you.”

The episode strolls quickly along, and as night falls, Team Zaheer infiltrates the steel fortress of Zaofu. Through use of some badass waterbending stealth, Zaheer and his cronies get their hands on Korra, and begin to make their escape. But enter Pabu, the Super Fire Ferret of Republic City, who alerts Bolin and Mako to Korra’s abduction. Soon the entire city is awake, and the metalbenders of Zaofu prove themselves much more competent benders than the White Lotus.

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