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Merchandise Materials

I saw this Deluxe Starlord costume at the Disney Store for the first time last October. After staring contemplatively between it and my 3-yr-old for a good five minutes, I sighed heavily and just took a picture. For those parents/aunts/uncles/godparents/older siblings/Jedi Masters who have a young child/nephew/niece/brother/sister/Padawan who will consent to wearing a long jacket and mask, consider yourself lucky. And then buy them this costume. Looks so cool! And adorable. Squeee! 

Twenty dollars for ultimate Guardian coolness.

Now I just need a 3-D printer for the gun. Who’s got one?? (A 3-D printer, not a gun. Not for a toddler, that is.)


BeCos Cosplay

I’m actually writing this post with a house full of the infirm, myself included. Don’t ask for details; they are not pretty. However, I’m hoping that by day’s end, life will be much more kind.

This week’s Tuesday Threads features a cosplayer by the name of Stella Chuu from California. She makes all her costumes, props, weapons, etc. (Can we say wow?) and has appeared at a couple cosplay conventions. Check her out on her Facebook page or her dedicated Chubear Cosplay page. I believe her Lich Queen Elsa also won a cosplay award. Impressive, no? However, that was back in November.

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Tuesday Threads

Good afternoon, Villains! Christine here, up to no good again, but this time, in the honor of procrastination. Instead of typing out my much, much, horribly belated Interstellar review (it IS finished, just not typed), I’m brainstorming ideas for new weekly posts on alwayssometimesvillains.

Our fearless leader Philip and I have discussed a cosplay highlight in the past, but just never got around to it. Wells, here’s a spot for it. Every Tuesday, you can expect a post regarding any manner of apparel, be it cosplay or merchandise or DIY, as long as it pertains to what we Villains love in TV, Movies, Music, Games, and Books.

Because why not wear a bit of free advertising for our favorite shows? And dressing up as badass characters just takes the cake. Me love cosplay 365 days of the year! BAM.

So, to start off, you lucky bastards get a triple feature. One of each in the areas I mentioned above. (After this week, it’ll just be one because avarice should be reserved for worthwhile things, ya loonies.) Continue reading Tuesday Threads