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The 2015 Villainy Awards: Winners List

Remembering is hard.

Some people say that the brain never forgets anything–that it only loses its connections. In an effort to regain those connections, to make remembering just a little easier, Always Sometimes Villains presents the 2015 Villainy Awards, a collective list of what the ASV staff enjoyed most about the last year.

Here are the nominees for our favorite movies, TV series, books (and more!) from 2014. For the winners, go here.

We plan to continue this effort as ASV ages, and–regrettably–as remembering gets harder. Unfortunately, memory always fades. But sometimes, they come back. Here’s to always. Here’s to sometimes.

The Game Awards 2014: Complete Winners List

As ASV Film Editor Christine Pham continues to breathe the same air as Marty O’Donnell, I’m watching it live from the stale, celebrity-less oxygen of my room. Join me by heading to Twitch right now, but if you can’t, keep checking back here as the winners are named! (and where my predictions are wrong!)

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