The ASV Villainy Rating

Here at Always Sometimes Villains we strive to be disgusting hipsters different in a way that for some reason requires us to wear orange beanies and thick-rimmed glasses  unique. To that end, when it comes to reviewing TV, Movies, Books and really, anything else, we like to give characters what we call “ASV Villainy Ratings.” Why? Because none of your trucking business why we think it’s fun, and we are dumb like that. It is known. So say we all.

Thus, the ASV Scale of Villainy (AKA if the protagonist turned evil, how successful would s/he be?) is as follows:

T = Too Good for Us
I = Inspired
B = Bad to the Bone
M = Megalomaniac
E = Evil Genius
WF = We’re Fucked

And, you guessed it, TIBMEWF is an anagram for . . . absolutely nothing!

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