ASV Year 2: Patch Notes & Announcements

So I probably spent around 2 hours perusing WordPress themes, wondering whether or not I should change the one we’re using now, but ultimately decided against it. The reason? Laziness. That, and all the good ones cost upwards $80. Anyway:


  • New logo! (I tried to go for a minimalist style . . . did it work? did I fail? should I just quit trying?) Hopefully this one sticks, hehehehe
  • New header image! (Again, I tried to keep it simple . . . )
  • Removed “Video” widget
  • Added “Recent Comments” widget
  • Added “Countdown Calendar” widget for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens


  • As anyone with eyes could probably tell, ASV has been pretty dead recently. Everyone’s a little burnt out, and we don’t know what to write–yadda, yadda, yadda. THERE IS NO EXCUSE! And I personally take full responsibility. That said, we don’t have a huge amount of followers and no one has messaged me saying I’m garbage (other than myself), so there’s that.
  • But yeah: despite the lack of content/activity on the blog, rest assured the staff of Always Sometimes Villains is still as nerdy as ever. We’ve been keeping up with new movies, television, music, etc., and the 2016 ASV Awards is definitely still happening. Between then and now–HOPEFULLY–we’ll be getting some new Space Sundays by Jeremiah, Throwback Thursdays, the occasional video game Sandwich Review by myself or Brian, and Christine should be continuing her Alphabet Cinema journey soon.
  • To our followers, whoever/wherever you may be, and if you even give a crap:
    • I want to apologize again for the recent lack of activity. In the comments, please feel free to flame me. Also! We want to try getting our followers’ opinions into the mix with the ASV Awards, so please leave a list of movies, TV, music, books, and video games that have had the most impact on you this year, and we’ll check ’em out.
  • To the ASV family:
    • Remember to keep adding to that Google Drive list that we have, good or bad. We’ll suss out everything as the year comes to a close.
    • Ideas. Throw ideas at me. Don’t care what they are. I’m an an idea garbage bin. I am fueled by your mind-trash.
    • Small thing: We Are Now Justifying Everything. Why? It’s just a thing we’re doing it. I say we are doing it and we are doing it. justify justify justify
    • Do we need an anniversary post or something? It would be more than belated . . .
  • And, finally: because writer’s block is a thing and grammar are hard, I’ve been trying to get a ASV podcast project off the ground. I think sometimes it’s just easier to talk about these things instead of sitting down to write a post. Anyway, it started as a video talk show but now I’ve lowered my standards and am aiming for an audio-only podcast. We’ll see where it goes.

THAT’S IT! Thanks for reading. Peace, jabronis 🙂